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Robot Assisted Implant Placement

Yomi® robotic assistance elevates dental implant surgery to the next level— making the implant placement process more efficient and precise. As the first and only FDA-cleared robotic system for dental surgery, it assists your Doctor in all phases of implant placement to enhance operating precision and expertise.

This innovative system optimizes operating conditions for the dentist and provides multi-sensory feedback while facilitating minimally invasive surgery and same-day implant procedures. With its advanced haptic robotic technology, Yomi supports placing dental implants accurately, in the proper location, and at the most precise angle and depth.

Yomi is the culmination of several dental technologies which aid in precise and minimally invasive dental implant placement – and we’re proud to be the only practice in Greenville, Texas, that uses it. It’s helpful in a couple of ways. First off, Yomi allows us to use your digital scans/x-rays to accurately plan the placement of your implant to ensure lasting results. When your doctor selects the position, Yomi ensures your implant is placed accurately so you can have the smile you’ve always deserved. Secondly, Yomi can see below your gums (because it uses your digital scans) – this is great because it eliminates the need for your doctor to open your gums so he can see your bone. This means either no incision or a smaller incision, no sutures or fewer sutures (depending on the situation), which means less pain, and a much easier recovery!

Yomi is the first and only system for robotic guidance for dental implant surgery in the United States and is cleared by the FDA. Yomi will not replace your doctor – it merely aids in the placement of your implant. Your doctor will be in control the entire time.

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