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High-Definition Intraoral Scanning

With high-definition intraoral scanning, we can optimize every aspect of care. From obtaining comfortable 3D digital impressions, generating study models for custom appliances, and fabricating dental prostheses such as crowns, bridges, and more, high-definition intraoral scanning captures data with outstanding accuracy and speed. Besides facilitating an integrated digital workflow process, the technology provides a more pleasant patient experience, produces more predictable results, and supports better treatment outcomes.

No more messy dental impressions!

Our office utilizes state-of-the-art technology, including the iTero® and CEREC Primescan® intraoral scanners, to optically scan inside the mouth and obtain precise data. With a high-definition intraoral scan, there’s no longer the need for messy conventional dental impressions! Instead, a small, non-obtrusive, ergonomically designed wand quickly and comfortably scans the teeth and bite.

Provides more efficient, reliable & comfortable care!

  • Obtains quicker, more comfortable, and more precise digital impressions
  • Involves none of the mess or discomfort associated with traditional dental impressions!
  • Highly accurate digital scans eliminate the need for impression retakes!
  • Offers simulations of what the teeth will look like after treatment and allows patients to follow their progress throughout care!

Produces readily available and permanently stored digital information

  • Makes detailed diagnostic and treatment information instantly available to the dentist
  • Enables less dental laboratory turnaround times and represents an initial step in same-day dental procedures
  • Stored digital data remains available in case of accidental appliance breakage or similar emergencies
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