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3D Printed Denture

Get new dentures in less time

Using an advanced 3D printing and digital design process, our office can accurately and efficiently fabricate durable, natural-looking dentures in far less time and fewer steps than the traditional method offers.

Fewer steps and more efficient, precise care

The process begins with an intraoral digital scan to collect highly detailed information inside the mouth. An integrated software program then converts the data into a CAD (computer-assisted design) file. At this point, the design information moves to a 3D printer, where the denture gets fabricated. In many cases, it takes under a day from scan to denture design and fabrication.

Combining the art and science of dentistry

In addition to fewer appointments and less time in the dental chair, 3D printed dentures offer a more precise fit. This feature translates into improved retention, greater comfort, and fewer adjustments. Plus, your new 3D dentures are made with a tough resin that offers more resistance to wear and tear than conventional acrylic and plastic dentures.

Maintains a digital record of your impressions and data

With digital dentures, your impression and other bite measurement data remain stored in your electronic file. In this way, a repair or replacement is easier and much more convenient if your dentures ever get lost or damaged.

Skilled care you can trust

At the office of North Texas Dental Care, we value your time and investment in oral health. For more information on digital dentures and how we can help you reestablish a complete and beautiful smile, give us a call today.

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