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Robot Assisted Dental Implants

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Robot Assisted Dental Implants

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Yomi Robot Assisted Dental Implants

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about missing teeth? Does your smile embarrass you?

You’re not alone. Millions of adults experience the emotional toll of tooth loss.

But there’s a solution.

At North Texas Dental Care, we help restore your confidence with dental implants.

We know traditional implant procedures can be scary, but we have invested in the most up-to-date technology to ensure the process goes easy for you.

The Yomi robotic system ensures a precise, and minimally invasive implant placement experience, so you can recover quicker, and return your smile to its best.

Schedule an appointment with us, and let us help you take the first step toward a happier, healthier smile.


Return Your Smile to its Full Glory

Your smile is a reflection of who you are, and missing teeth can have a dreadful impact on your confidence. At North Texas Dental Care, we believe everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of. This is why we use the Yomi robotic system to provide safe, efficient, effective, and precise implant placement with minimal discomfort. With the assistance of Yomi, our caring and professional team will:

  • Improve your ability to chew and speak
  • Prevent further bone loss in your jaw
  • Provide support for dentures or bridges
  • Help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted
  • Restore your confidence

Five Important Benefits Of Using The Yomi Robot

  • The Yomi robot is minimally invasive and allows for high precision, reducing complications and improving patient comfort.
  • There is reduced risk of damage to nerves due to its real-time visualization of the surgical site.
  • It allows for customized surgical planning, tailored to the specific needs of each patient.
  • It has a guided implant placement and streamlined workflow which increases efficiency and reduces recovery time.
  • The Yomi robot has advanced planning and guidance capabilities that increase predictability and accuracy in the implant procedure.

Thanks to Yomi’s advanced capabilities and minimal invasiveness, patients can be more satisfied with the results and have a better overall experience.

Don’t let the fear of pain and long recovery times hold you back from getting the smile you deserve. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Improved Patient Experience, Less Pain, Faster Recovery

We believe dental care should be comfortable and convenient.

That’s why we offer Yomi robot-assisted dental implants. Using digital guidance, our highly experienced team can ensure precise implant placement, while you remain comfortable, and enjoy quicker recovery times, so you can get back to your life.



Reclaim Your Radiant Smile with YOMI

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Discover why Greenville residents choose North Texas Dental Care as their home for dental health and wellness.

If the thought of going to the dentist makes you feel anxious or embarrassed, we want you to know… we get it! We’re humans too, and we have to get our six-month checkups just like everyone else. That’s why you can expect a comfortable, relaxed, family atmosphere at North Texas Dental Care. Experience the difference with a dental team that cares.

  • Advanced technology means fewer appointments, faster healing.
  • Convenient scheduling so you can get in, out, and back to your life.
  • Get everyone in at once with family appointment blocks.
  • No insurance? No problem. Take advantage of our flexible payment options.
  • Feeling pain? Emergency services available – call now!


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Our Favorite Patients Often

Have experienced years of dental trauma

You don’t have to feel ashamed of your smile, no matter it’s condition. Our team are experts in caring for even the most advanced dental issues.

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We love getting to meet your crazy uncles, sassy grandmas, and all the kiddos too! No matter what age, stage, or amount of dental care is needed, we’ve got you.

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Your mouth is the gateway to your body. Discover how better dental care can translate to better overall health.

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