Laser & Advanced Technology Services

Single Appointment Procedures, Laser Services, Digital Imaging, Implants and Dentures, and Surgical Procedures

"Our Advanced Technologies make our treatments safer, less painful, and more predictable for our patients."
Dr. Nelson

Single Appointment Procedures

Thanks to advances in technology, we are pleased to offer an array of single appointment services that traditionally require multiple appointments over a period of days or even weeks.
• Single appointment all-porcelain crowns
• One Day all porcelain anterior makeover
• Root canal therapy
• Tooth-colored fillings with Nano technology composites
• “All on Four” Complete Hybrid dentures

Laser Services

Dr. Nelson's commitment to continuing education enables North Texas Dental Care to practice the latest in safe and effective laser services.
• Laser whitening
• Laser assisted wisdom tooth removal
• Laser assisted periodontal therapy
• Laser assisted desensitizing of tooth sensitivity
• Pain control for cold sores and ulcers
• Cosmetic gum tissue recontouring
• Fillings with no anesthesia

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging allows practitioners to accurately assess and form a treatment plan, as well as visually communicate with the patient.
• Digital 3D imaging
• Digital intraoral imaging
• Intraoral Camera imaging

Photo of Dr. Nelson using technology

Implants, Dentures, and Surgical

Use of advanced technology simplifies this process significantly and makes these procedures safer and less painful.
• Immediate implant placement and restoration
• Mini-implants for full denture retention
• Implant retained "no palate" upper dentures
• Conventional implant retained dentures
• “All on Four” Implant retained hybrid dentures
• Permanent dentures
• Periodontal disease treatments, soft tissue grafting, periodontal plastic surgery, no palate gum grafting

We love Dr. Nelson!

From the moment I walk in, I feel like they care.

They know who I am and call me by name. When I'm getting work done, everyone is friendly and personable. They remember things about my family and my life which puts me at ease because dental work stresses me out. Always friendly. Always helpful. I love this office.


The Friendliest Office of Any Kind I've ever visited.

Like family......only nicer. Wonderful people. Excellent care. I look forward to my appointments. Dr. Nelson and his delightful staff make dentistry a pleasure. I don't think there is any room for improvement.


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